We did a complete makeover for the iconic Hullut Päivät Haamu-character, including a set of ten modular print images, various animations for digital screens and a 30 second 3D animated TVC. We really wanted to add a significant amount of detail and character to  Haamu and also changed the technique from simple vector graphics to detailed digital illustrations. We wanted the character to have a timeless yet subtle hand-painted look to it.



What we did

Illustration, Animation, Concept Development



Brink Team

Director: Alexander Seraidaris
Animation Director: Jesse Myllymäki
Technical Director: Teemu Valkama
Illustrator: Valtteri Heinonen
3D Graphics: Pedro Furet, Juha Halme
Composer: Pera Pirkola
Sound Design: Sami Sarhamaa
Voiceover: Antti L.J. Pääkkönen

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