When agencies approach us with a creative idea that has a clear vision but a challenging execution method, we at BRINK are more than happy to help. In this case, 358 asked us to create a couple of brand sceneries for VR Group. In the sceneries VR wanted to communicate how using trains is the most environmentally sustainable method of transportation. On top of this, they also wanted to communicate how they are doing their part in corporate responsibility and climate change. Our challenge was to resolve how we build the sceneries to look realistic but with a touch of fantasy. During the process we learned a lot about modern trains and especially the Finnish railways and transportation. The project went very well, and the result is beyond what we thought – full of detail and truly realistic with a touch of magic.


VR Group



What we did

Brand scenery pictures

Production by Brink Helsinki.

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Niko Liukkonen-Korsikko
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