We had the pleasure to produce the main video and content for Qt’s event launch held virtually in 2021. The project was commissioned to us by Bond. We were especially excited to help with Qt’s challenge for the event – how to create a virtual event, that is usually held as a physical one, and make it exciting, interesting, and engaging. Bond created a concept, where the video consisted of multiple segments. The segments themselves worked well individually but also as part of the virtual event program. The main video really had it all: showy 3D animation, customer testimonials, case videos and animated infographics. In other words – all the bells and whistles. We planned, designed, produced and edited the material to a seamless experience in record time, just under two months. Besides the main videos, we delivered many additional bang-for-buck elements such as video clips, 3D models, 2D assets and a bunch of modules for Qt to utilize in marketing and other purposes.  





What we did

3D animation, 2D animation

Production by Brink Helsinki.

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Niko Liukkonen-Korsikko
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