Italian Way

Together with Buena, we created a fashion illustration inspired animated commercial for Meira to celebrate the launch of two new Segafredo Italian-style filter coffee products. The animation is a look into the Italian way of living through the lens of Segafredo coffee, highlighting the quaint streets and the fashionable citizens of the Boot. The Segafredo illustration style is handcrafted and painterly, evoking a carefree feeling.



What we did

Animation, Illustration, Concept Development


Buena Creative

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Sara Heikkinen
Concept Team: Sara Heikkinen, Joona Leppänen, Tiia Reijonen & Kiira Mukka
Illustrations: Joona Leppänen
Lead Animator & Director: Joona Leppänen
Additional Animation Clean-Up: Tiia Reijonen
Image Re-Touch: Petteri Laakso