Slush 2018

Sulapac is microplastic-free, fully biodegradable alternative to traditional plastics. The film we made for their partnership launch with Stora Enso conveys the importance of using less plastic. Fluid movement between shots is at the core of this film, which is why we opted for the full control of composition and camera movement that CGI provides. The final film combines 3D and matte painting to create a seamless environment.


Sulapac / Stora Enso

What we did

Animation, Concept Development

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Ilona Kyykoski
Animation Director: Jesse Myllymäki
3D Supervisor: Teemu Valkama
3D Artists: Juha Halme, Juuso Kaari, Teemu Valkama
Storyboards & Matte: Juha Halme
2D Animation: Jussi Saarelma
Compositing: Juuso Kaari
Music: Borrtex / Awake the Light
Sound Design: Tuukka Nikkilä