Creative children’s media studio Haruworks approached us to collaborate on adapting Finnish author Miikka Pörsti’s book “Kaikkien Juhla” into a children’s TV series. We were tasked with developing the series’s visual style for their pitch, including both characters and environments. We wanted to keep the quirkiness and freshness of Pörsti’s original illustrations, while fleshing out the style to better carry the sitcom-like animated series.

Haruworks / Zodiak

What we did

Illustration, Animation, Concept Development


Erkki Lilja

Brink Team

Development Producer: Ilona Kyykoski
Trailer Producer: Hanna Heikkilä
Character Design: Joona Leppänen
Concept Artist: Tiia Reijonen
Background Artist: Tiia Reijonen
Animators: Laura Jay, Joona Leppänen, Janne Roivainen
Compositing: Niko Rinta
Sound Design: Janne Jankeri
Music: Douglas Heaton