Äkäpussit (Cranky Bags) is an online lottery game we produced for Veikkaus in cooperation with Nasta Design and Moido Games. The original idea for the game came from Veikkaus—the characters would be bags that live in a fairytale world. We produced the character art, animation and logo design for the game. All five main characters have their own personality that defines the way they react to the other characters.



What we did

Illustration, Animation, Concept Development

In collaboration with

Moido Games, Nasta Design

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Sara Heikkinen
Animation Direction: Kiira Mukka
Character Design: Kiira Mukka
Background Art: Anna Bernal
UI Graphics: Tiia Reijonen
Animation Cleanup: Herle Kuhl
Sound Design: Marko Ventola / Humina Oy