We made an animated commercial and illustrations for Vaasan, the second oldest bakery in Finland. The commercial shows the journey of the Ruispalat bread from Finnish rye fields to consumers. It’s inspired by the toy world and was created combining stop motion techniques with photorealistic 3D animation. The print images show different kinds of sandwiches, presented together with miniature toy people.



What we did

Animation, Illustration


Bob the Robot

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Ilpo Virtanen
Project Manager: Sara Heikkinen
Director: Alexander Seraidaris
Animation Director: Jesse Myllymäki
Technical Director: Teemu Valkama
Character Design: Kiira Mukka
3D Artist: Pedro Furet
3D Animation: Jussi Saarelma
Additional Graphics: Juha Halme
Compositing: Niko Rinta
Music: David Suárez Torre
Sound Design: Sami Sarhamaa
Photography: Katri Kapanen
Food Stylist: Marja Samuli