What happens when Brink and our super creative friends at Superson put their wise heads together? Remarkable things of course!

Digita, which operates all of Finland’s TV and radio networks, rebranded their antenna TV selection and named it Antero. Digita offers paid direct live broadcasts of finnish favorites such as ice hockey and motor sports as well as kids’ safe TV shows to all antenna households.

The creative idea was to launch the rebrand in a unique audiovisual way, leaving an unforgettable (and furry) ear- and eyeworm in the depths of the viewer’s mind!

The whole shebang of a production was completed in three weeks – from the first kick off to the delivery of final products, in this case animations and high resolution still images.

The project included production services for voice over casting, recording and sound design as well as creating versions suitable for online, TV and radio.

In addition to the minimalistic yet high-end 3D animation, sound design also played an important part. We chose the legendary Jarkko Tamminen to do the voice overs for this project. Jarkko is “The Dude” in the impersonator scene in Finland, which enabled him to communicate the brand name musically, sound-effectively and dramatically in a very unique way, as you can probably tell!

As it happens, advertisements of Antero have been spotted during the commercial breaks of a couple of the most popular prime time programs in Finland.

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy these VERY unique and memorable ads, we recommend that you have a go at them right about now!

But be warned – afterwards you can’t stop hearing a faint clang of “Anterooo…” in your head for the rest of your day.

Brink offers smart turnkey animation production solutions, which also include high quality sound design in addition to all the other production services – just like in this project.

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