Sofa Summit 2021

We made an intro film for Smartly.io’s upcoming Sofa Summit 2021 event. The 15s long intro film is full of color, crazy elements and tropical vibes. We also made a bunch of cool assets, such as bumpers, wipes, text animations and templates. The idea is to display the different surreal spaces in which the event is being watched from. For example, the sofa can be anything: a couch, a throne, a jacuzzi, a toilet seat… There is a continuous rotating camera that moves through the different “living rooms” filled with crazy objects such as flamingos, greek statues and flying donuts. In the last room you can find a pimped up keyvisual with a 3D event logo floating in the air – very bombastic all in all!

“Brink did fantastic job at bringing our brand visuality to the next dimension”

“We asked for crazy and crazy we got”

"Brink quickly embraced our brand and created visuals of pure joy"



What we did

Intro film and assets, 3D logo

Production by Brink Helsinki.

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Niko Liukkonen-Korsikko
Client Director