We made an animated commercial for Salaneuvos cheese, featuring the antics of their mysterious mascot “The Privy Councillor” himself. The commercial brings more depth to the character and shows new sides of the man who normally prefers to stay in the shadows. Salaneuvos brand was born in 1964 and the chosen style is a tribute to the 1960’s and designer Saul Bass.



What we did

Illustration, Animation, Concept Development


SEK & Grey

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Ilpo Virtanen
Director: Alexander Seraidaris
Animation and Compositing: Jesse Myllymäki
Illustrator: Valtteri Heinonen
3D Graphics & Animation: Teemu Valkama, Pedro Furet
Composer: Juri Seppä
Sound Design: Miska Seppä

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