We made a series of fast paced “slice-of-life” animations for the launch of Taffel’s new line of Choco Chips. The series follows as regular potato chips find different ways of becoming “chocofied”. To maintain maximum readability in the very short clips, we created a simplified yet painterly world for our chips to live in. The end result is a fun, tongue-in-cheek series of animated ads.


Orkla Suomi / Taffel

What we did

Animation, Illustration


Lantinen & Mantere

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Sara Heikkinen
Lead Animator & Director: Joona Leppänen
Design & Storyboards: Tiia Reijonen
Editor: Jussi Saarelma
Sound Design: Tuukka Nikkilä
Voiceover: Henri Piispanen