K-citymarket kalalaulu

hasan & partners approached us with a catchy song written to promote fish to younger audiences and they wanted an animated ad to go along with it. The idea was awesome and bonkers: to have a singing fish teaching people to eat more fish. And the agency even told us not to shy too much away from the erm… cannibalistic undertones. What an opportunity!


Kesko / K-Citymarket

What we did

Illustration, Animation, Concept Development


hasan & partners

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Ilona Kyykoski 
Animation Direction: Kiira Mukka
Character Design: Kiira Mukka
Animation Roughs: Kiira Mukka, Janne Lehtonen
Animation Cleanup & Color: Joona Leppänen, Janne Lehtonen, Herle Kuhl
Editor, Secondary Animation: Jussi Saarelma
Image Re-Touch: Petteri Laakso
Sound Design: Tuukka Nikkilä