Veikkaus herkkuzoot

Herkkuzoot (Delicazoo) is an online lottery game Brink produced for Veikkaus in cooperation with Nasta Design and Moido Games. Valpuri, Herbert, Kiki and Lymy are the furry inhabitants of the zoo. Come nightfall, the not so furry species leave the premises and the furry ones are able to leave the safety of their enclosures in search for their friends and favourite foods.


What we did

Illustration, Animation, Concept Development

In collaboration with

Moido Games, Nasta Design

Brink Team

Executive Producer: Ilona Kyykoski
Animation Direction: Kiira Mukka
Character Design: Kiira Mukka
Background Art: Tiia Reijonen
UI Graphics & Logo: Joona Leppänen
Animation Cleanup and Color: Herle Kuhl
Sound Design: Timo Anttila / Humina Oy
Voice Acting: Sari Havas & Samuli Niittymäki / Vild Factory